Testimonials from Former Employees

While working for Ohana Mua Behavioral Therapy, I experienced a sense of appreciation unmatched to other places I previously worked. As small companies usually go, the team of therapists must make working together and supporting one another the pinnacle in achieving the best quality of services for our clients and families. Ohana Mua outshines many companies in this regard. Other areas OhanaMua excels in are professionalism, expertise, and compensation. Every week, therapists can anticipate consistent supervision and feedback from the BCBA. When I had dilemmas, whether they involved running a program, or dynamics within the home, I could count on support coming my way every time. During supervision and throughout all sessions, therapists are pushed to use true applied behavioral analysis, so I was always able to hone my skills and learn more. As for compensation, therapists are paid competitively and are shown so much appreciation, especially when there’s a great need for coverage or some other accommodation on the therapist’s end. I have worked for several other larger scale companies and I must say that Ohana Mua Behavioral Therapy is the best company on Oahu island!

ElizabethCastillo, January 2020